Apparatus of Power, A Solo Exhibition by Shahzia Sikander – Asia Society Hong Kong Centre

March 16 - July 09, 2016

Lead sponsor: AAN Foundation This body of work also specifically explores Hong Kong’s colonial complexity, both historical and current. The exhibition which is installed within the Chantal Miller Gallery of Asia Society Hong Kong Center, Shahzia Sikander: Apparatus of Power includes drawings on paper and large-scale animations. The exhibition’s title refers to the potential of an image to communicate in multiple contexts, forms, and formats.

Shahzia Sikander’s video installation Parallax which was created and shown at The Sharjah Biennale in 2013 is being exhibited as well as the animation the Last Post. Three-channel color animation with sound, 15 min and 30 sec Music by Du Yun Music by Du Yun © Shahzia Sikander. Courtesy of Sikander Studio

Harrappan Connections in Collaboration with the Lahore Museum

January 10 - February 10, 2016

The Harrapan Connections was a traveling and educational component of the Inheriting Harrappa exhibition at the Lahore Museum. UNESCO and the IFPC were partners for this show. The AAN Foundation supported the component of this exhibition in Karachi