Portrait of the Artist Series by Shahzia Sikander is exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Museums, Washington DC

12 November, 2018

‘Portrait of The Artist’ by Shahzia Sikander has been acquired by the National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Museums, Washington DC. This series is also being exhibited at the exhibition ‘I To Eye’ at the National Portrait Gallery. This series ‘Portrait of an Artist’ is also in the AAN Collection.

Amna Naqvi gave a TED Talk at TEDx Lahore 2018

28 August, 2018

Amna is the founder of AAN Foundation and AAN Collection. She is an avid art collector, philanthropist, publisher, supporter and collaborator of art projects and initiatives. These projects have led to the development of the contemporary Pakistani art space both locally as well as globally over the last fifteen years. The AAN Collection co...mprises of over 800 works of art ranging from 3rd Century Gandhara sculptures, 17th Century Mughal miniatures and contemporary art.

Works from the collection have been part of major exhibitions at institutions such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art, in New York, The Venice Biennial and The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. The collection is complimented by the AAN Foundation which supports art exhibitions and projects in Asia as well as globally.

A significant part of the AAN Foundation’s aim is to provide support at the very initial stages to projects which could become platforms for further strengthening the artistic space in their own areas and geographies.

Along with her art projects and initiatives, Amna Naqvi also owns the cricket team, Islamabad United. The team is the winner of the Pakistan Super League Championship in 2018 as well as the winner of the inaugural Pakistan Super League Championship in 2016. Having completed her MBA from the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), she previously worked as a banker and describes herself as an avid reader and an intrepid traveler.

To view the TEDx Talk - Click on the image above!

The Dead Tigers of British India by Fazal Rizvi, which is in the AAN Collection was exhibited at the Lahore Biennale

22 July, 2018

'The Dead Tigers of British India-in full colour' is a work by Fazal Rizvi which was shown at the Lahore Fort at the Lahore Biennale. This work is in the AAN Collection!

Title: The Dead Tigers of British India - in full colour
Artits: Fazal Rizvi
Seven 3d printed tiger paw foot from the throne of Tipu Sultan, Publication

Fazal Rizvi graduated from the National College of Arts, Lahore. He is an interdisciplinary artist exploring notions of memory, loss, erasures, and migration. For LB01 the artist sifted through the archival material from the British Raj era, specifically from images of tiger hunts that display and celebrate the subjugation of one at the hands of another.
- Text & Image Credits: LB01 & LBF

Cosmic Ninja by Samya Arif which is in the AAN Collection - Featured on the cover of Women's Club.

05 July, 2018

‘Cosmic Ninja’ by Samya Arif has been featured on the cover of the publication ‘Women’s Club’ which has been published by @monsapublications Barcelona. This work is in the AAN Collection. This work was shown at the exhibition titled Microcosm which was curated at AAN Gandhara Art Space by Adeel Uz Zafar.


Scroll: An AAN Foundation Project will be exhibited at Kenyon College, United States

05 October, 2018

Scroll: An AAN Foundation Project will be shown at ‘Publishing Against the Grain’ exhibition at the Gund Gallery at Kenyon College, Ohio, United States. This is the third stop of the traveling exhibition.It has been shown at the Zeitz Musueum of Contemporary Art, South Africa as well as Centre for Contemporary Art, Lagos, Nigeria.  Scroll was created by Aziz Sohail!

Publishing Against the Grain opens next Friday, August 31 @gundgallery. The exhibition encourages discursive public participation, self-reflective investigation, and invites visitors to discover new perspectives.


'Of Honor and The Moment' - Amna Naqvi's Profile featured in Portfolio Magazine (Singapore), August 2018 Issue

28 August, 2018

Our Founder Amna Naqvi featured in an article in Portfolio Magazine - August 2018 issue.

“By being a custodian, I don’t just mean being a keeper of the collection, but having an engagement with art and curatorial practices as well. If collectors do not grow beyond collecting artworks, then it leads to a sense of inertia. I think as collections grow, collectors need to stretch the boundaries by being bold in their choice of artworks as well as in collaborating with art practitioners on new ideas and projects. They need to morph into collaborators as well as collectors.”

AAN Foundation Launches The LBF-AAN Research Grant 2018

22 July, 2018


"We at the AAN Foundation are pleased to be launching the LBF-AAN Research Grant with the Lahore Biennale. The LBF-AAN Research Grant was bestowed at the same time as the Central Sponsorship for the Inaugural Lahore Biennale by the AAN Foundation.

We believe research and documentation of art in Pakistan is integral to its robustness and growth. This will provide opportuni...ties to scholars, historians, and practitioners to germinate new ideas, and trace the movements and shifts in the development of art and its related fields.

We would like to thank our panel of Jurors; Prof Salima Hashmi, Prof Naazish Ata-Ullah and Naiza Khan (who is also the Mentor), who will help bring the LBF-AAN Research Grant to fruition".

- Amna Naqvi, Co-Founder
AAN Foundation

The AAN Foundation provides support to a wide range of art forms and encourages discourse on visual arts in particular. This includes offering platforms & support for exhibitions, private as well as public art projects, publications and art related initiatives. From a geographic perspective, the foundation is focussed on enabling and encouraging the arts in Pakistan, as well as considering the broader Asian region including Asia Pacific and South Asia. A very significant part of the AAN Foundation's aim is to provide support at the very initial/conceptual stages, to projects, which could become platforms for further strengthening the artistic space in their own areas and geographies.

For more information on how to apply for the LBF-AAN Research Grant, please visit:…/lbf-aan-research-grant-2018/

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SCROLL- Projects on paper

Amna Naqvi, Aziz Sohail, Bani Abidi, Naiza Khan, Omar Wasim And Saira Sheikh, Roohi Ahmed, Shahana Rajani & Zahra Malkani
December 2016
Hardback, 12 pages

Look At The City From Here

aHajra Haider, Amna Naqvi, Iftikhar Dadi, Adnan Madani, Yaminay Chaudhri, Naveed Alam
July 2016
Hardback, 91 pages
ISBN : 978-969-7592-01-2

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