Parallax by Shahzia Sikander is exhibited a the Museum of of Fine Art, Houston

March 01 - March 20, 2022

Parallax by Shahzia Sikander is exhibited a the Museum of of Fine Art, Houston in the exhibition Extraordinary Realities. 

Parallax by Shahzia Sikander. the three channel single image video installation which is also being exhibited at the Museum of Fine Art Houston as part of her solo exhibition ‘Extraordinary Realities’.

Parallax is also part of the AAN Collection.

Suite of Six Photographic Prints by Naiza Khan are exhibited at The Seatle Art Museum

01 March, 2022

Installation of a suite of six photographic prints by Naiza Khan at the Seattle Art Museum. These works are also in the AAN Collection. The AAN Collection has a large body of works by Naiza Khan! #art #contemporaryart #naizakhan

Bodily Experience: South Asian Art Across Time at the Seattle Art Museum.

Photo Credit: Seattle Art Museum

Three Works from the AAN Collection Are In The Exhibition 'I Am I Am And Not' - A Retrospective Exhibition of Aisha Khalid

28 November 2021 - 21 January 2022

One of Aisha Khalid’s most important works will be shown in this exhibition after almost twenty years. This work is titled ‘Realm of Another God’ 1996. This work was created in 1996 and the National College of Arts where Khalid had competed her Bachelor in Fine Arts. This work was Khalid’s thesis painting and was exhibited at Chawkandi Galleries in 1999. Khalid’s skill and narrative ability is as usual masterful and for a student of miniature painting to attempt to paint such a large work as it is almost three feet x five feet is an act of complete confidence in her ability at miniature painting. Khalid comments on power, exploitation and imperialism in this work as she takes figures of authority and juxtaposes them with the public. One of the most unique aspects of this work is how heavily figurative it is.

This work is in the AAN Collection and was acquired as a cornerstone work in the collection of Aisha Khalid’s repository of artworks. The AAN Collection has the largest number of Aisha Khalid’s works in a private or institutional collection. It is unique as there are works from almost all eras of Khalid’s art practice in various media including paintings, textiles and video installations. Works from the collection have been shown at the Belvedere Museum Vienna, Aga Khan Museum Toronto, Pump House Galleries, London, SMK Copenhagen, Hong Kong University Art Gallery and Rijksaksdemie, Amsterdam.

We at the AAN Collection are pleased to lend this seminal artwork for Aisha Khalid’s retrospective exhibition ‘I Am, I Am Not’ which opens at Frere Hall, Chawkandi Galleries and AAN Art Space & Museum on the 28th of November. The exhibition will be showing seventy artworks over Khalid’s twenty-eight year art practice.

Realm Of Another God, 1996

Gouache and Gold Leaf on Wasli (Hand Prepared Paper)

30 X 54 Inches

AAN Collection



Academic Programmes at Fine Art Asia and Hong Kong Spotlight by Art Basel

29 October, 2020

Amna Naqvi spoke at the Academic Programmes at Fine Art Asia and Hong Kong Spotlight by Art Basel at the Hong Kong Convention Centre. The lecture series was titled 'Living with the Old and the New-Collecting Contemporary and Historic Art.
The talk focused on on cross collecting from various eras. These insightful Academic Programmes presented by: The Hong Kong Palace Museum, Fine Art Asia and Hong Kong Spotlight by Art Basel.


Amna Naqvi - Guest Lecturer at The University of Hong Kong (HKU)

May 05 - April 11, 2022

Amna Naqvi, Co-Founder of AAN Foundation was invited as a Guest Speaker at the Department of Art History at The University of Hong Kong(HKU) to talk about Pakistani art both in its historic and contemporary forms. The lecture focused on the classical, modern and contemporary artworks in the AAN Collection as well as the work of the AAN Foundation and AAN Ideas Lab. She discussed the works of over forty artists. 

Amna Naqvi - Co Founder of AAN Foundation Contributes a Comprehensive Essay for the Publication 'I Am And I Am Not'

11 December, 2021

The catalogue for the retrospective exhibition 'I Am And I Am Not' by Aisha Khalid has been launched this afternoon at the iconic Frere Hall, Karachi. This catalogue accompanies the exhibition of the same title.

We at AAN are pleased that our founder Amna Naqvi is one of the writers who has contributed to to this publication and has written a comprehensive essay about Aisha Khalid's practice of twenty-eight years. "The Door Is Open, Let The Beauty We Love Be What We Do" is the title of the essay and is a verse from Jalaluddin Rumi's poetry. This essay covers Aisha Khalid's vast and multi-faceted fine art practice including paintings, in-situ and textile installations as well as other explorations.

About the Writer

Amna Tirmizi Naqvi is a collector, philanthropist, writer, thought leader and a supporter of the visual arts for over twenty years. The AAN Foundation which she has co-founded, creates platforms for Pakistani artists to launch ambitious projects in Pakistan, Asia and globally. The Foundation is supported by over nine hundred works of art in the AAN Collection, which have been exhibited in over fifty museums and public institutions such as The Met, Guggenheim Museum, Belvedere Museum, Venice Biennale, Mohatta Palace Museum and Singapore Art Museum. A former banker, she has been on the Global Council for Art & Culture, Asia Society and a member of the SAAC, Tate Modern. She has also published and supported over twenty five art publications. She is regularly invited to speak at institutions such as the Museum of Fine Art Boston, Art Basel, Columbia University, TEDx, amongst others. She has contributed to publications for DB Kunst Halle, Whitworth Art Gallery and Gandhara Art. She is regularly featured in global art publications such as Occula, Orientations, The Financial Times and Sotheby’s Magazine amongst others.

I Am I Am Not - A Retrospective Exhibition of Aisha Khalid

28 November 2021 - 21 January 2022

AAN Gandhara Art Space & Museum is honoured to be one of the three venues for Aisha Khalid’s Retrospective ‘I Am, I Am Not’.Curated by Masuma Halai Khwaja, the show brings into focus Khalid’s 28-year practice, spotlighting her unique journey. Khalid has played a vital role in the contemporary neo miniature movement, receiving global acclaim for her conflations of pattern and geometry, and meditations on power dynamics, the North-South divide, as well as spiritual connections.Spread across three venues, from the iconic Frere Hall to Chawkandi Art Gallery and AAN Gandhara Art Space, the show will offer audiences a chance to survey, in curator Khwaja’s words, the “nuanced complexities” and dualities that Khalid captures with her distinct imagery and visual vocabulary. Join us from 28th November 2021— 8th January 2022.

art space


SCROLL- Projects on paper

Amna Naqvi, Aziz Sohail, Bani Abidi, Naiza Khan, Omar Wasim And Saira Sheikh, Roohi Ahmed, Shahana Rajani & Zahra Malkani
December 2016
Hardback, 12 pages

Look At The City From Here

aHajra Haider, Amna Naqvi, Iftikhar Dadi, Adnan Madani, Yaminay Chaudhri, Naveed Alam
July 2016
Hardback, 91 pages
ISBN : 978-969-7592-01-2

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